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Window Blinds 
 How to choose the perfect blinds for your windows.

With so many different materials, style, and colors out there to block the heat and light, it
can get a bit confusing. We have made this guide for you to have an all-access view of
everything you need to know before you buy your window blinds. From window fashions to the
latest and greatest solar motorized shades, you are going to learn everything you need to know
to make the right decision for your blinds. If you are looking for a quick list of the most popular blinds, and what we will be covering, you can check that out below.

Dive in below for a more detailed look

Wood Blinds
Wood blinds give clean lines in a home and are typically one of the most popular blinds. The wood offers elite light blockage, a nice combat against the heat. The weight of the wood gives you a nice added
bonus of durability as well. They have a long lasting life and hold up against the outdoor sun better than fabrics would. 

If you buy the wood blinds that are attached to the vertical string, you will be able to manipulate
the the angle that you block the glare, adjust the light control, and even have direct sunlight.
There is a lot to you can do with regular wooden blinds. It is important to not put these wood
blinds in high-humidity areas, especially when mixed with heat. This can cause the wood to
warp and crack faster than usual.

Wooden blinds are the premier window covering, and they are also in

style right now as well.The slats are durable, come in my different colors,

and are easy to order. There is nothing not to love about this window shade. 

If you are looking for blinds in Hagerstown, you have found the place.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are the most popular treatments right now for new home owners. Before we
get into the good and bad of faux blinds, we need to make sure you know what they are made
of. Faux blinds are made of either PVC or vinyl materials. They typically will have some
composite wood at the base of the slats, but these types of blinds are made to last the long
The advantage of that is the ability to put these in high-humidity areas. In places like a
washroom, bathroom, and kitchen, these faux blinds are going to stand the test of time. You
might not be able to tell a difference right away from regular wooden blinds, but over time, one
will be warping and one will look as if you bought it last week.
Faux look blinds are also very good for moving with ease, fire resistance,

and even durable with young kids. You do have the option of removable slats

which allows for easier cleaning but a quicker life expectancy. 

With each removal, you alter the strings and life of the blinds.

But they stay cleaner!


  • High-design on a dime. Get the look of classic hardwood or vintage Venetian without tapping into your inheritance.

  • The look of wood + the carefree upkeep of vinyl = perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

  • Opt for Cordless Lift & Lock TM, and you’ve just added an extra level of safety for your children and pets.

  • Woven tapes in rich solids and decorative patterns inspire creative customization.

Cordless Blinds

Blinds lift and lower with ease and convenience

with a simple pull or push of the bottomrail.

Cordless is considered a safe choice if you have

small children or pets in your home.
Aluminum Mini Blinds​


Cordless Lift and lock

Press a button on the aluminum bottomrail to lift

and lower blind. Release the button to lock the blind

into place. Option is Certified Best for Kids on 2" blinds

when ordered with the wand tilt option.


Aluminum Blinds

 Aluminum blinds are very durable and versatile in certain rooms of your home.  They block the light in a unique way and are going to withstand anything you throw at them (literally). If you are going to have kids grabbing at your blinds, this is going to be the best option you can get.

Because they are mini, it is going to carry less weight.  They are a cheaper option than the large slatted blinds and They are fully customizable and colorful. 


  • Keep maintenance to a minimum with our dust-resistant finish.

  • Spring-tempered slats bounce back into shape, resisting those pesky kinks and dents.

  • Multiple collections offer alternatives from classic cost-efficiency to premium panache with heavier-duty slats, LightsOut feature and built-in valance.

  • Wide window? Wide smile. Hang 2 or 3 blinds on a single headrail to cover it all

Vertical Blinds

  • Our custom collection includes textured or smooth vinyls, snappy S-Curve vanes, and fantastic fabrics making your window a very tactile affair.

  • Block out the light or block out the neighbors with the twist of a wand.

  • Choose from a variety of light-filtering fabrics for a gentle ambiance or insert into groovers and that same beautiful textile does double-duty as a blackout.

  • Create - or accentuate - the sense of height for sliding glass doors or beautifully broad windows.

  • Incredibly easy-to-maintain vinyl selections mean fewer tasks and more time for… other stuff.














Custom Blinds

Custom blinds are the ideal resolution for any home owner to cover their windows. Be careful when picking your window cover, and make sure it is exactly what you want and need. I will come to you and help you choose the perfect look for your elegant home.

Wood Blinds
Faux Wood Blinds
Cordless Blids
Aluminum Mini Blinds
Vinyl Mini Blinds
Vertical Blinds
Custom Blinds
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